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School Bus and Semi Crash on Oregon Hwy


A witness reported that a school bus and a semi truck collided near Gaston, on Oregon 47 last Tuesday. The bus driver and nine students were taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries. The 57-year old truck driver was not injured in the accident, and was cited for careless driving for his part in the collision.

The crash occurred at approximately 7:40am when the bus had stopped to pickup students on their way to school. The bus had its warning lights on, when the truck rounded the curve. The truck driver applied the trucks brakes in an effort to stop. It was then that the tractor-trailer fishtailed across the road and hit the bus as it went into a ditch. Almost immediately after the accident, the driver of the semi went to the school bus to see if he could render assistance to those who were injured.

The accident scene was not want for eyewitness accounts, as this particular bus stop is a central location where many students are picked up each morning, and there were many parents on the scene who witnessed the accident. One witness told a cop that it appeared to him that the truck was going too fast as it rounded the curve. While the trooper on the scene who was investigating the accident stated that, he did not think the truck’s speed was “grossly out of line for the area.” The trooper also added that while the suggested speed for the curve is set at 45mph, the speed limit for that particular road is 55mph. Another of the witnesses stated that this makes the fourth semi-involved accident that has occurred in the local area over the past year, and they hope that warning lights will be installed, like they have been in Nassau and Suffolk, so as to warn drivers of the potential hazards that lie ahead.

Witnesses describe some of the conditions to a Lawyer that surrounded the accident. “The road was wet,” described one witness, while another eyewitness simply stated that as soon as the truck came around the curve that the trailer just went crazy. Semi-trailers tend to do that on wet roads.

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