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Tour Bus and Semi Collide Killing One


One woman was killed and four others were injured after a tour bus and a tractor-trailer collided Saturday night. The truck accident occurred just after 7pm on Highway 33 in the town of Herman, which is approximately five miles west of Allenton, WI, after the semi-driver reportedly failed to yield to the bus at the intersection of Highway 33 and Highway P, and the semi slammed into the bus.

Immediately after the collision, the bus flipped twice and slid into the ditch, witnesses have told the police. Law enforcement officials at the scene stated that the accident could have been much, worse than it was, had the bus been fully laden with passengers. The 52-year old driver and the surviving passenger, also a 75-year old woman, were all transported to different local hospitals for treatment. Their current medical conditions are unknown as of the time of this article.

While the bus lay on its side in the ditch, the truck (a cabover with the truck cab over top of the engine) was raised up and over to the side and was completely mangled due to the crash. The 30-year old driver and the 30-year old passenger of the semi were not quite as fortunate, for both had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. The highway was closed due to the accident for more than six hours. Firefighters were watchful for any signs of fire and were concerned with any fuel that could spill either from the overturned bus, or from the mangled semi-truck.

Authorities have told the press that although the investigation is ongoing, there is no indication as of yet as to why the driver of the semi did not yield to the bus at the intersection.

Eyewitnesses have told the police that they did not see the accident until after it had already happened and then it was a horrifying scene. Similar scenes are seen in Manhattan and Long Island.

The woman passenger from the bus was 75-years old, and was from Milwaukee, WI.

Calls to the bus company for comment were not immediately returned.

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