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Tractor-Trailer Accident Hospitalizes Two


A tractor-trailer accident sent two people to the hospital and caused significant traffic delays, reported the Lawyer over the weekend. The 42-year old truck driver had reportedly dozed off and awoken as his truck was drifting from the roadway, and as he attempted to maneuver his truck back onto the road, it rolled over.

Passing motorists stopped and pulled both of the men from the vehicle, and both men were lying in the grass beside the road when first responders arrived on the scene. Both the driver and his 29-year old passenger were taken to Rhode Island Hospital in Providence and were reported to have only minor injuries. The driver and his passenger were wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident. The truck, it was learned, was carrying Sears-brand appliances, which did not spill from the truck during the accident. Fortunately, this was a one-vehicle accident, which could have been much worse.

The accident tied up traffic for several minutes as work crews removed the vehicle from the roadway. This task was not easy for it required workers to remove a section of the guardrail before they could remove the truck. It is unclear as to whether or not workers replaced that section of guardrail immediately or returned to replace it at a later time. It required a 12-man towing crew to remove the damaged truck.

The driver was later charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle and violation of marked lanes, the Rhode Island State Police has told the source. Same would apply in New York City and Staten Island.

Although the investigation is continuing, this accident is but one of many truck driver fatigue related accidents that the state has reported lately. This is an ongoing issue that has received attention at the federal and also at many state levels. While there may be considered multiple underlying factors that contribute to truck driver’s continuing their duties after they should stop and take rest, it will require a concerted effort to provide the necessary tools to law enforcement and to the drivers themselves before this problem will be satisfactorily resolved.

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