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School Bus Meets Tractor Trailer in Deadly Wreck


It was a deadly wreck and one which those who lost children will remember for the rest of their lives.

It was a horrendous wreck involving a school bus and an 18-wheeler. Thankfully, the trucking company came right out and owned up to the fact that they were fully accepting complete responsibility for the fatal collision indicated a New York Trucking Accident Lawyer.

In a move that many parents considered to be honest and upfront, the company indicated they understood the ramifications of the accident and were facing the consequences by doing everything they possibly could to deal with the situation. They understood the anguish of the parents who lost children in the crash.

The trucking company and the affected parents met to discuss what was going to be done about the incident and to find out crucial information about why the accident even happened in the first place. It turned out that the trucker did not hit the brakes before hitting the school bus. That impact was horrific. Further information also indicated that the truck, at the time of the crash, was fully operational and functioning normally. Put another way, there were no defects that would have caused the accident.

The truck’s steering was checked and it was determined to be in good working order, as were the brakes. The truck’s onboard black box revealed the big rig was traveling at about 44 miles per hour. Despite this information, trucking company executives were still not able to say for sure why the accident happened.

Tentative solutions to school buses stopping on busy sections of road were discussed in New York City and Long Island and promises made to address the situation of not having enough safe spots for bus turnarounds. Lower speed limits and more road markers may also play a part in an eventual solution to avoid any further fatal crashes like this one reported a NY City Trucking Accident Lawyer.

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