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Two dead in car wreck involving semis

Anytime an 18-wheeler is involved in a car wreck, the results are never pretty, said the New York Truck Accident Lawyer. This case is a prime example of a terrible wreck that killed two elderly people; a pastor and his wife. The collision happened at an intersection and involved two semis. Somehow or other, the pastor’s vehicle was caught in between the two trucks and the truck behind them rear ended their car, causing an underride accident.

The police want to know a whole lot more about this accident and are asking anyone with any information to come forward. They want to find out if anyone saw the accident or saw the two trucks just before the accident. Given the fact that the truck behind the car rear-ended them, indicates that he was not paying attention to the road and it may also indicate he was speeding, as the force of the impact shoved the car under the truck in front, commented the New York Injury Lawyer.

Accidents like this are devastating for the family left behind and in this case, the family would likely have a solid wrongful death case to take to a personal injury lawyer, explained the New York Truck Accident Lawyer. There will be other things that the police want to find out, including what the trucker was doing before the accident. In cases like this where a truck rear-ends another vehicle, you can count on the fact that the driver was not paying attention to driving. It happens all over in places like Long Island and Westchester County.

All it takes is one split second with their eyes off the road and it’s too late to stop. In fact, big rigs can’t stop on a dime. While they may be able to slow down some, by the time they hit, they still do an enormous amount of damage.

To get justice and fair compensation, speak to a New York Truck Attorney. They know precisely what to do with big rig accidents and know that quite often there is more than just the trucker involved in the wreck. You will need the voice of experience on your side to get to verdict and that voice needs to be a skilled New York Injury Attorney.

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