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This fatality that took place in 2007 has recently been dealt with in court


Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, and in this instance, this appears to be the case. No one is quite sure what happened to prompt this completely bizarre truck accident, but an investigation will try to piece together the evidence later.

What is known for now is the following; that a 71-year-old man died in a semi-truck fire and his body was found when the firefighters dispatched to handle the call found him. It isn’t clear how he got to be there and the fire department can only speak to the fact that they found a burning tractor-trailer outside a trucking company when they arrived on the scene.

The fire department was called out in response to what sounded like two explosions at about 2 a.m. The rig was fully engulfed when they got there and it took some time to knock the flames down. It was then that they found the body. From the initial investigations, completed at the scene when the body was first discovered, it looks as though a truck hit a parked semi, caused the tires to spin and ignited a conflagration. It also appeared that the flames then spread to the cab.

The report is not clear on where the body was found or what speculation there may have been as to the cause of death, as the man may have been dead prior to the fire. When the police and fire inspectors have sorted out the rest of the puzzle this scene presented, they will likely make portions of that report public. Police in Long Island and Westchester are familiar with this king of tragedy.

The man’s family will be in great shock and want to understand what took the life of their loved one so suddenly and inexplicably. Was there a collision? Was he driving at the time and hit the parked semi? Did he fall asleep at the wheel? How did he lose control of his own vehicle? Was there a mechanical defect to blame for the truck accident? These questions and more remain unanswered for now and the family is trying to cope with the heart wrenching news.

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