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Trucking Company Safety Records Show Multiple Infractions


Just recently we all got a lesson in how quickly a trucking companies safety records can be accessed in the event of a wreck. This particular truck accident was billed as being not only horrific, but it took the lives of two. It was mere minutes after the collision that a team of reporters started to check out the safety record of the owner of one of the rigs in the carnage.

Turns out that investigative team located not just one or two violations for the trucking company, but, several pages of them. In fact, the company in question had acquired at least 28 unsafe driving violations that ran the gamut from speeding to following to close and from improper lane changes to fatigued drivers. This company had so many violations, that the USDOT put out an alert on the company, recounted the spokesman. Not exactly a good thing for business, but more to the point is what was the company thinking?

These violations were evidently the tip of the iceberg and further digging by safety inspectors in Long Island and Westchester uncovered at least 46 maintenance violations. In other words, the trucks owned by this particular company were truck accidents looking for a place to happen and sure enough, happen they did.

It’s safety records like the ones discovered by the team of reporters in this instance, that your rep will track down to use in your case in court.

If you have been hurt or killed, by a negligent trucker or trucking company, then you can count on your New York Trucking Accident Lawyer to find the proof they need to build your case for compensation. Yes, a trucking company may also be found negligent in accidents, and such will likely be the case here when the accident victims discuss their options with their lawyers, said the New York Trucking Accident Lawyer.

Unfortunately, one of the other things revealed about this trucking company was that they quite often required their drivers to stay on the road for longer than the federal regulations permitted. When you have been cited for 21 fatigued driver violations, you know something is wrong

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