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Road Conditions Led to Truck Versus SUV Accident, Said New York Trucking Accident Lawyer


In winter, you can virtually count on the fact that the roads are going to be less than safe. Driving at highway speeds is usually not a good idea.

In this truck accident involving an SUV and a semi, five were injured, including three children. All the victims were taken to the nearest hospital for treatment, while the police remained at the scene trying to determine what happened. All five occupants of the SUV were wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash.

It appears as if the SUV was heading south and the trucker was heading north. The SUV driver lost control of his vehicle as the result of an icy, snow covered highway. The SUV veered into the north lane. The trucker, seeing them coming, swerved into the south lane to try and avoid or minimize the accident. Unfortunately, he was not able to mitigate the wreck, indicated the investigator.

One of the main questions that police in laces like Queens and Westchester will be asking in this case is how fast both these vehicles were going? Given the road conditions, it would make some sense that both of the vehicles involved were doing less than the posted limit. If they were not doing less than the posted limit, then the question becomes who is the “at fault” driver and how to apportion liability.

Cases like this are never easy and the victims will surely want to pursue some form of compensation. Once all the facts of the truck accident are determined, they will be able to talk to their advisors and find out what their rights are and what they may expect, should they choose to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Not all trucking accidents are created equal and that is why you need a New York Trucking Accident Attorney to review the circumstances of your case to determine if you have enough evidence to move forward. It’s the New York Trucking Accident Attorney who will represent you in court; your voice of justice.

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