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Five Die as Truck Overturns in Chin State


Five people are dead and 35 others are seriously injured as a truck overturned in Chin State, a man reported. The truck accident occurred on Friday at about 10:00a.m. local time, as the truck’s brakes apparently failed as it descended a steep hill that is near Lamzan Village and about five miles south of the closest town of Tedim. Chin State is located in the northwestern part of Myanmar.

The commercial truck was carrying a full load of cargo and about 50 passengers that had been picked up in Tedim earlier that morning. Approximately 45 minutes into the journey from Tedim to the Indian border is when the truck’s brakes failed, which resulted in the loss of life, including the truck’s owner and driver, according to a Lawyer. Four of those who died, were dead at the scene, while another died because of their injuries enroute to the local hospital. Miraculously, the eight children who were aboard the truck when it rolled over survived with no injuries.

This is not the first such truck accident in this area. This is the second accident in the area this week. There was another fatal accident nearby in November 2010, which claimed 17 lives. Including both of these accidents, it is concluded that up to about 24 people have died on this road in the past four months.

It is widely believed that the true cause of the accident is soldiers of the Burmese army; whose Light Infantry Battalion (269) had earlier commandeered the vehicles of the truck’s passengers hours before they sought to ride in the commercial truck, witnesses told a. Burmese army soldiers are known to commandeer both persons and property at any time and for whatever purpose they deem necessary to their cause. They are reported to have commandeered five vehicles that were carrying the truck’s passengers the day before the accident. They were forced to remain overnight in Tedim, and were trying to continue their journey since they did not anticipate the army to return their vehicles to them. Authorities in Nassau and Suffolk County are studying this case.

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