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Flying Truck Tires Injures Couple on Highway


In a case of having horse shoes in your pocket, two people, a husband and wife, were suddenly involved in one of the weirdest truck accidents anyone had ever seen and survived with non life-threatening injuries.

As the couple was traveling northbound on the highway, two tires came whipping through the air and hit their car. The tires had come off a southbound semi. In the ensuing wreck, the EMTs had to use the Jaws of Life to get the husband out of the car. Both victims were taken to the hospital and later released, sore and bruised, but alive and lucky not to have any life threatening injuries.

This type of truck accident does not happen often, but when it does, the consequences can be quite devastating. There have actually been cases in which people were killed when struck by a flying tire. The main question in this case, is why the tires came off and the police fully intend to track the truck down and find out what happened, explained the Accident Lawyer. Their main reason for doing that is to determine if there was any negligence on the part of the trucker or the trucking company that owns the truck.

If it was a case of equipment failure, the police in Manhattan and Queens then also need to know if that was the result of negligent maintenance. Information like this is vital to anyone who is building a case for a client to take to court. Every shred of evidence they can get their hands on is carefully considered amidst the whole background of the case.

Been hit by a flying tire that came off a big rig? Don’t hesitate to call a New York Trucking Accident Attorney. They’ve seen it all and know what to do to get you the compensation your case deserves. Your New York Trucking Accident Attorney is highly trained to handle situations just like this.

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