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Three Big Rigs Involved in Chain Wreck


This particular truck accident was spectacular in that it involved three 18-wheelers in a chain pile-up on a highway. Traffic was backed up for miles, as the police tried to sort out what happened. It wasn’t clear at the time just what had caused three tractor trailers to end up in a complete pile-up, with one of the drivers needing to be extracted with the Jaws of Life.

It appears the road conditions at the time of the accident were clear and that traffic was moving normally. There is some speculation that one or more of the drivers may have been distracted, as all three trucks were traveling fairly close together when the crash happened.

On the surface, it appears that the lead truck may have swerved to avoid something and the second truck, not expecting the sudden lane change, ended up rear-ending the first rig. The third rig likely had no place to go when the other two were blocking 5 lanes of traffic and couldn’t stop in time. That’s the thing with large trucks like this; they don’t stop on a dime as their weight and momentum carry them forward until they can get the brakes to kick in.

The police report was not clear on the type or extent of injuries sustained in this multi-vehicle pile-up and they will be launching a complete in-depth investigation to determine what happened. All three trucks onboard computer tracking systems will be checked; a move that will reveal the speed of the vehicles at the time of the accident and whether or not they applied their brakes, etc.

This truck accident could have indeed been a whole lot worse and had the potential to take three or more lives. As it turned out, only one trucker had minor injuries and the other two walked away from the scene sore and in shock, but alive. It just goes to show you that accidents can and do happen anytime. Be alert. Nassau and Suffolk Counties are prone to these kinds of accidents because of the LIE.

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