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Truck hits bridge on Onondaga Lake Parkway


A man is given a ticket due to him crashing into the CSX Bridge while driving his truck along the Orondaga Lake Parkway.

The driver was employed to transport computer equipment and was driving a rental truck, explains a Law Firm. The truck driver lost control for some reason and struck the bridge on Wednesday afternoon.

The local sheriff said that the driver of the truck was a 60 year old man. However, instead of stopping to report the accident like he should have done, he continued driving for over a mile. He then stopped in a large parking lot.

The driver of the truck has received a ticket for not stopping at traffic lights, and also driving off after causing damage to the property.

He told his rep that the reason he didn’t stop is because he thought it was just a minor accident. He didn’t realize that he crashed into the bridge and caused any damage. Apparently he thought that he just scraped the top of the bridge.

By looking at damage caused to the vehicle it is clear that he should have certainly realized the extent of the damage that he caused to the bridge. It would have been difficult for him to think that the accident was only very minor.

Fortunately nobody was injured in the accident. However, the road traveling northbound needed to be closed by the authorities for over an hour. This allowed the crew to clean up the road and also check that the bridge is stable and relatively undamaged. After the road was cleaned up, the northbound lanes were then reopened to traffic.

There is no reason why this truck accident should have happened if the driver was actually paying attention. The height of the bridge is marked at 10 feet and 9 inches. The height of the truck is known to be 13 feet. This is something that the driver of a truck should know, and he should never have attempted to drive under such a low bridge. Accidents like this are common in Long Island but not in Manhattan.

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