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School Bus Almost Hit by Coal Truck


A bus carrying a group of high school students nearly collided with a coal truck carrying about 20 tons of coal. Luckily, the bus driver was able to swerve the bus in time and missed the truck completely. Debris and dirt hit the bus and caused the windshield to shatter which caused minor injuries to the driver, the students were not harmed. Students credit the bus driver for acting quickly and saving their lives.

After the accident, school officials were called to the scene along with law enforcement and medical personnel to assess if anyone suffered any major injuries. The only injuries reported were minor injuries to the bus driver’s face. The parents of students were called and students were safely transported back to their high school, says a New York Truck Accident Lawyer. Students were then given the option of taking the rest of the day off or attending classes at the high school.

It was reported that the coal truck was to blame for the accident. The coal truck swerved into the opposite lane as the bus was approaching. It is unclear why the coal truck was in the wrong lane. After the incident students were upset but grateful to the driver for his quick reaction to the situation, claims a NY Truck Accident Attorney. The bus driver is being considered a hero for thinking quickly and avoiding a potentially deadly accident.

The students were on their way to a nearby university to take part in a science lab. The high school and university had created a program where students could attend labs at the university to enrich the academic life of the students. Unfortunately, the students did not get the opportunity to attend labs that morning. Accidents like this one are investigated fully when the happen in The Bronx and Manhattan.

The incident occurred in the morning around 7am. There were few vehicles on the road at this time. It is unknown if the driver of the coal truck will face any criminal charges for driving in the wrong lane or endangering the lives of the students, their chemistry teacher and the bus driver.

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