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Water Tanker Truck Crash Injures Man


A man in Towanda was injured on Monday as a result of a serious traffic accident. The accident involved a water tanker truck and caused injuries which required hospital treatment. However, his symptoms were fairly minor and this meant that he could be discharged the very same day, explained the NY Truck Accident Lawyer

The accident happened on Monday afternoon. The injured man was rushed to the hospital’s emergency room where his injuries were evaluated. The man is in a stable condition although will require ongoing medical treatment.

The accident happened at the intersection between Interstate 220 and Interstate 2027.

The water tanker truck was driven by a middle aged man. The truck was traveling north along route 220. The ford pickup truck involved in the accident was at South Main Street.

The pickup truck pulled out into the intersection without seeing the water truck in the road. The truck pulled right in front of the water tanker truck which tried to stop. However, the trucks were too close and this made it impossible for the truck to slow down and stop in time.

The traffic accident report was issued by the state police and has since been obtained by the New York Truck Accident Lawyer. The water tanker truck hit the side of the pickup and continued moving until both could come to a halt.

The impact from this accident caused extensive damage to both vehicles. The rear of the pickup truck was severely damaged. The rear axle of the pickup truck was ripped off the vehicle, and it was found a distance away from the truck. Big Rig Accidents which occur in Queens and Manhattan are investigated by police to make sure foul play is not involved.

The water truck was a semi-trailer with a large water trailer in tow. This truck was carrying water from Towanda creek when the accident occurred. As the truck was full at the time of impact, this made the crash much more serious.

Fortunately, both of the drivers were wearing seat belts. This kept them safe and prevented any further injuries. The one driver had a cut to his head and required medical attention, but the other was unharmed.

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